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Mik & Michael

Thank you Danielle for helping us resolve our communication issues. As a result of mediation, we now have a parenting agreement that works for all of us. We may no longer be a couple, but we can move forward still as a family. We would highly recommend your services to anyone with children, experiencing separation. With thanks, Mik & Michael (Coomera).


Mediation enabled us to have a conversation without the continued fighting. Finally, we were able to agree on a parenting plan for the children which suited both our work and lifestyle commitments, and made for much happier children. Thank you so much Danielle. Angie & Family

Hill Family

My ex and I refused to attend mediation until made to by the court. We wasted so much time and money fighting, that could have been better spent with and on our kids. Our children both ended up in counselling because of our fights. We lost friends along the way and caused so much stress to our families.

After mediation with Danielle we have a co-parenting plan and no fights – we have a new conflict free way of communicating about our children (who already seem so much happier) and a roster that makes life much simpler.

Cannot recommend highly enough – both mediation and Danielle.

Rob R.

The co-parenting sessions we did with Danielle and her team have  worked really well. I was skeptical to begin with but we agreed to try them for a couple of months and we haven't looked back. We've had the odd tiff, but nothing like the war we came from.

Do yourselves a big favour and give them a go.

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