Parenting & Coparenting Programs

Parenting sessions

Sometimes during the separation process, for many different reasons, parents have spent a long time without being able to ‘parent’. In some cases, months or even years have gone by before a resolution is formed. How do you successfully re-bond with your child after time apart? With our parenting sessions we can help you reconnect with your child or children in an age-appropriate manner so the re-bonding time you have with them is strengthening your relationship for the future not leaving you feeling you are floundering to reform a relationship or you don’t know your children any longer.

Coparenting sessions

Separating parents do not automatically become co-parents. Co-parenting is only successful if you adhere to the guidelines. Most parents do not have a true idea of how co-parenting works. Your Co-parenting Consultant is to help you along that pathway, either individually or together in sessions.
Co-parenting sessions can help you re-assess your parenting goals and help you concentrate on the important qualities of the parent-child relationship, rather than unresolved relational issues. You will focus on ways to become a better parent, a parent who is mindful that their children’s world will never quite be the same again. You will help your children to retain a meaningful relationship with the other parent, despite your feelings for them.

Professional Mediation Services

Our mediation process is a little different to others. After many years of experience in marriage and relationship therapy, we have realised that one very important ingredient is missing from mainstream mediation processes, in both parenting and property matters.

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