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Co-Parenting sessions - Overview

Sometimes during the separation process, for many different reasons, parents have spent a long time without being able to ‘parent’. In some cases, months or even years have gone by before a resolution is formed. How do you successfully re-bond with your child after time apart? With our parenting sessions we can help you reconnect with your child or children in an age-appropriate manner so the re-bonding time you have with them is strengthening your relationship for the future not leaving you feeling you are floundering to reform a relationship or you don’t know your children any longer.

What is Co-parenting?

Separating parents do not automatically become co-parents. Co-parenting is only successful if you adhere to the guidelines. Most parents do not have a true idea of how co-parenting works. Your Co-parenting Consultant is to help you along that pathway, either individually or together in sessions.
Co-parenting sessions can help you re-assess your parenting goals and help you concentrate on the important qualities of the parent-child relationship, rather than unresolved relational issues. You will focus on ways to become a better parent, a parent who is mindful that their children’s world will never quite be the same again. You will help your children to retain a meaningful relationship with the other parent, despite your feelings for them.

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