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Our property mediations include a mediator and a financial consultant experienced in real estate, banking, investments, superannuation (and the splitting of same), transfer of title and so much more. On engagement you shall receive a property proforma and other instructions on the necessary paperwork required to attend the mediation. 

The cost of mediation is normally shared between the parties and is based on whether there is a business entity/trust situation to negotiate.

Our property settlement mediation offers  a price friendly, non adversarial solution for the division of assets through a property settlement mediation. Our goal is to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes through a spirit of co- operation and conciliation.

mediation for property settlement by Goldcoast Mediation
property mediation services by Gold Coast Mediation QLD

Mediation for Property Settlement

Before applying for orders from the newly combined Federal & Family Court, you will be required to attend Family Dispute Resolution to make a genuine effort to resolve your matters, both in parenting and property. You will be asked to supply both a Section 60i certificate and a Statement of Genuine Effort to the Court on applying for their intervention. 

Both of these will be provided to you at the conclusion of your Mediation if necessary, although we have a proven success rate in mediating fair and equitable settlements between separating parties, allowing you to move on with your lives rather than spending the next two or three in the Court system. A cost effective & conciliatory pathway to bringing peace back into your lives.

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