Conflict Resolution

Parents experiencing the separation process do so without an instruction manual, which often leads to a higher level of conflict in your communication and co-parenting attempts.

Look upon us as that manual. We shall share with you the strategies to avoid building conflict and show you how to regulate your behaviours and communication to the benefit of you, your ex and your children.

Step One - Feedback

Our initial pre-mediation session will allow you to speak with your consultant on a one on one basis with full confidentiality.  Both parties will have the opportunity to share their narrative and perspective with the Mediator prior to moving forward. In this way, we can best 'design' the process which will give you the best long-term result.

Step Two - New Skills

Good communication is learnt. By the time you have reached the stage of Mediation your communication style may be giving you a negative result. Co-parenting Communication is specific and easy to follow, once you know how. During our session, both individually and joint, we will help you to communicate with respect, and hopefully kindness.

Step Three - Putting it all together

Using your newly learnt skills and improved communication styles, with the help and guidance of your Mediator, you shall now create the best parenting agreement for you and your children. Be creative, practical, empathic and most of all, child focused and you will succeed. We guarantee it!

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