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Co-operate, Compromise, Communicate
= Co-parenting

Our mediation process is a little different to others. After many years of experience in marriage and relationship therapy, we have realised that one very important ingredient is missing from mainstream mediation processes, in both parenting and property matters.


The resolution of conflict stemming from your separation (and more than likely, your past relationship).

We have successfully re-structured the 'old fashion' mediation process and now offer our clients a three step process to forming a workable, conflict free co-parenting agreement.

When you leave the final stage of Mediation, you will do so facing forward - with a different perspective of your future and that of your children's.  Working together in a continued parenting relationship without the hurt and pain from the past constantly interfering with your children's right to love and spend time with both parents. 

Co-parenting Conflict Resolution is an integral part of our mediation process. We also offer these sessions independently from the mediation process if required.

Coparenting successfully
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