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What goes in, is what comes out

Your children will be a product of how you parent. Just as you probably were. In the last few decades, parenting has evolved and we now have better ways in which to raise strong, independent, loving and kind children who hold themselves with healthy self-esteem. To do this, we need to parent in a relational manner and not allow the children to be affected by our relationship issues, conflicts and pain.


We offer several pathways in which to learn the three aspects of good parenting while strengthening your ability to separate your adult issues from your parenting role.

A relational parent becomes a competent co-parent.  Working as a parental 'team' is how you raise daughters to be resilient, smart, and empathetic and sons to be strong, sensitive emotionally and kind. If you do it well, both girls and boys will develop all and more of these traits.

As a parent - your input now will ensure your child reaches adulthood with the ability to make good choices, be resilient to the obstacles that come their way and use the knowledge that you taught them, to live their best lives.

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