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What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Our Child Inclusive Consultants have backgrounds in psychology, children’s developmental studies, conflict resolution strategies, relationship counselling and are trained Family Report Writers. They
have extensive experience in working with both parents and children. They meet with the children
and discuss a range of topics. During the interview the child consultant will carefully ask the
children a range of questions. This can include questions about the parties’ separation, what kind
of arrangements they currently have for their care, and also what arrangements the children
may like for the future.

Children running in a park

A child inclusive mediation can be very helpful for children who are of an age where they can
express an independent view of their wishes. For children who cannot do so, a child inclusive
mediation may be less helpful, and it may be more appropriate, for example, for the parties to
engage a family report writer to prepare a report on the children’s best interests instead.

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