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As a mediator, I know this as fact. Going down the legal pathway, unless you are going down it by mutual agreement - can make a bad situation worse. Take the same situation, apply mediation before you seek counsel - and co-create a much better outcome.  Separation mediation offers an alternative to the traditional adversarial approach to divorce. But it is not magic. It involves being creative, considerate, and most of all - child focused. Mediation promotes parental co-operation and goodwill, encourages parents to accept mutual responsibility for their children and strengthens the relationship between you, the parent, and your children. 

When we commit to a partner we understand the importance of commitment, compromise and communication. Unfortunately these skills seem to disappear in the face of a separation. We can guide you through the process and remind you how to communicate effectively and end your relationship with dignity.

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More and more couples today are striving to have a civilized, healthier separation. They want to protect their children, reach a fair settlement, and still be able to talk to each other with respect afterwards
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