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How to work together to be the parents your children need


When we commit to a partner, we promise to respect each other, compromise, communicate and resolve our differences. The concept of separating in a similar fashion is foreign to most couples.  A healthy separation, just like a healthy relationship, requires effort. It is a choice not to create a war-zone with your ex-partner and with our help, you will be able to deal with the process without negatively affecting the well-being of your children. You will work through your pain without the paralyzing rage, and you will go beyond placing blame and instead, find solutions. 

Research has shown that it is not the separation which affects the children as much as the conflict. These studies show that when destructive factors are minimised, the behavioral, developmental and emotional traits of the children show very little difference between children of divorce and children from intact marriages. Mediation and coparenting sessions can help enormously.


At the end of this process, you will negotiate the conflicts instead of escalating them and become joint problem solvers instead of adversaries. You will see that it is possible to create a respectful separation - one that will allow you to build a healthy foundation for yourself, your ex-partner and your children.

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